5 Year Anniversary of The Black Orchid Band Kickoff Show

TODAY marks the 5 year anniversary of this band's FIRST ever live show... We were 2 acoustic guitars, a keyboard and electric bass and percussion (no big drum kit). This was The Black Orchid Band v1 and it is near and dear to my heart. We have evolved, changed, moved in different directions over the years, gone through many changes, some good, some really painful but when I look back, it all made sense (even if not at the time). I want to thank Kristy Black from WLB for telling me I could front my own band even if I was terrified, Randy Esposito for putting me on a stage when I was not ready and then standing next to me and giving me confidence when I wanted to go hide (LOL), Eddie Krajec for teaching me a handful of songs so we could get through 1 set (we shared our 1st gig with Linda Kraemer and Laura Romero's band because I did not have enough material (troopers those two) but mostly, to the guys who decided to get a band started out of nowhere.... and where there was nothing, there became 5 friends playing together and giving some stage experience to a lone, little, scared singer-songwriter... Many thanks to John Staudinger for believing in me and being the first brave one to jump in, Alan C. Levin for playing several positions, learning many songs and lots of encouragement, Stevo or Deaf Annette Lee for the best dang percussion setup EVER for a quasi acoustic band AND my forever main man Eddie Krajec for putting up with every single ridiculous thing I wanted to do. This has all led up to the current lineup of this band that owns my heart and everyone in between - past and present... I love each and every one of you and always will. Happy 5 year anniversary to US and all of our peeps that make it all worthwhile! For nostalgia sake I am posting below the very first video ever taken of v1 5 years ago at the then Zito's Bar and Grill in Tustin... Oh yeah, and many thanks to Steve S for letting Randy Esposito talk him in to giving us our very first live gig on Randy's word alone! LOL In the end, I guess it pays to have great friends who believe in what you do and want to see you happy. Through THICK & THIN, Kids... Thick & Thin...<3 <3

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