Kayla Kraemer: Vocals 
Eddie Krajec: Guitar, Vocals 
Ewen Williams: Lead Guitar, Vocals 
Jason Brown: Bass, Vocals  
Various Pros: Drums, Percussion - Bryan Rosen, Ray Weston

Hometown: Laguna Beach, Ca



We play an eclectic mix of Alt-Rock, Blues Rock, Southern Rock, Country Rock, Rock Fusion - covers and originals, lead by singer/songwriter Kayla K. If it is swanky and has a cool, vibey groove, we play it. Smokey, sultry and sometimes just raw. Since we are not boxed in to only one genre, we are able to be very creative and connect with many more music loving souls. I would call us a Creative-Fusion type gang of singer/songwriter/performers who loves what came before us but also LOVES to experiment with our sound and message.

I write according to my emotions and life experiences with inspiration from the deep south - swampy blues, old country rock, Southern Rock with a swampy beat, Alternative Rock with some Latin acoustic guitar or Hindu Ragas... you name it.

I was raised on The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, etc. I lived in Latin America for years and absolutely love Hindu Ragas. This is all reflected in the music I write. 

This amazing band I play and write with (The Black Orchid Band) has an extensive background playing all over the country (all kinds of music) and the world at different times in their careers and now they bring it all together for all of us to enjoy! We cannot wait to share it with you.

Please LIKE our Facebook page and leave us your e-mail address so we can stay connected and keep you abreast of our goings on, as it is NEVER A DULL MOMENT! We love to entertain and have FUN!

With LOVE and creativity.... Kayla K