Hello Beautiful People! I was loading in our August schedule so far and it occurred to me that I am having TWO birthday parties,  not one like every other year. Then it occurred to me that THAT is only ONE OF MANY advantages of being in a band. I mean, I cry about the challenges sometimes but really, there are many more advantages or upsides: besides the camaraderie of like minded individuals, the friends, the social circle, the MUSIC MAKING, the fun, the excitement, etc. It is truly a blessing... but two birthday parties? Well, that was an accident at first but then we decided to roll with it and make them unique and truly different from each other. And again, this is because we have great friends, caring and music oriented venues, and a super talented musical family! Everyone who knows me knows that for my birthday, I like to play for a bit but then cede the stage over to a talented but also beloved musical act. That means I must love them because I am going to hang out with them all night for my birthday! Well this year, we are all very lucky because on Saturday, Aug. 3rd, at Campus Jax, The Black Orchid Band will be opening the night at around 7:30 and play till 9 p.m or so, and then Pinch Me Band will be doing the heavy lifting and doing what they do best - getting everyone on the dance floor having a blast until close. We are so excited to be able to party to their fabulous sound! On Sunday, Aug 11th, for brunch from 1 to 5 p.m. at Gallagher's Pub in beautiful, sunny downtown Huntington Beach, we have a special treat: WE ARE ME is going to open with some original music and some of their fave songs (phenomenal musicianship, vocals and songs!) and then The Black Orchid Band will take over to do a few original tunes and dance the rest of the afternoon away... Many surprises at this show and we cannot wait to unveil them! Both shows are going to be a blast! Happy Birthday to the Raven Hair Girl - MMMEEEEE, YAY and we CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL! Events will be up soon. Private Message us for more details and ROCK ON! xoxo  KK

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